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Online reporting
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Google Analytics

In addition to Google analytics, for all interactive programs that participants respond to questions online, we are able to automatically tabulate and post via Update On-the-NetTM, secure comprehensive reports designed to fit your specific informational needs. Attendance, testing, compliance, viewer ship, survey answers and trend reports are all linked to the participant’s personal and demographic info.

This allows access to view the data via the Internet, from anywhere in the world, 24 x 7. You can also download these reports into Excel with the touch of a button for easy distribution!

Site registration reports
A comprehensive view of the individuals registered at your website.  Through registration and login we can track these participants and review their stats through individual and trend reports.

Conference roster reports
A tally of the registered participants showing what programs they are scheduled to attend. These can be reviewed by individual participant, scheduled audience per event, and overall program stats.

Conference attend reports  
Reports of who actually attended your live events, archived web casts and message board discussion groups.  All linked to surveys, questionnaires, and individual demographics.

Survey reports  
To see the results of a survey, poll, post test or evaluation.  Reports can show results per individual, overall, per program or speaker.

Trend reports 
Reporting of registration demographics, survey results, evaluations, post tests Etc information.  These can be formatted to address your reporting trend needs such as professional demographics or response to pertinent questions. Available as text,  bar, line or pie charts.[IE: 96% of those surveyed said they would attend an Internet conference again.]

AW statistics   
Access to the actual traffic statistics on your website

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