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Post Event | Follow-up | Reporting

Post Event Follow-up
Continuing to spread your message

Measuring the Event | Evaluations
To complete the picture, we institute our fully customizable post event evaluations as people leave the programs to gather key information for immediate review. No matter if the program was a live event, an on demand piece or a text messaging venue these personalized questionnaires can be placed on the web and results can be gathered immediately to give instant feedback and help target the next message.

Post event follow-up
Immediately following the program completion, a personalized thank you email is sent to each participant.  This can include prompts to return to the website to review additional information in various formats - for example after a live program  access a Web Message Forum can be recommended for participants to see additional info or answers to the Q&A in their entirety.

Further out, a week or two post event, an email can be sent with a personalized survey for gathering feedback or an alert about new information or recently posted answers to questions on the website or Forum. 

Incentives can even be offered to encourage participation with directives back to the web portal for new info or to promote another event or ongoing seminar series!

Online Reporting
Gauging reaction to your message - ROI

For all programs wherein participants respond to questions online, we are able to automatically tabulate and post via Update On-the-Net, secure comprehensive reports designed to fit your specific informational needs. Attendance, testing, compliance, viewer ship, survey answers and trend reports are all linked to the participant’s personal and demographic info.

This allows yourself, and anyone else you authorize, to view the data via the Internet, from anywhere in the world, 24 x 7.You can also download these reports into Excel with the touch of a button for easy distribution!

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