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Update on the Net

Meetings On-the-Net | services

For live meetings use our Present On-the-NetTM conferencing service.  Your audience will all view the information simultaneously through a live meeting interface as either a webcast, web conference or webinar.  Depending upon the requirements, audio will be sent via the phone lines or be included on the computer webcast.

All program elements will be created, set-up, rehearsed and managed by our team.  Your audience will experience:

  • PowerPoint presentations in sync with the presenter
  • real time annotations/highlighting
  • participate in interactive polls
  • share documents
  • be taken on web tours,
  • view streamed video or Flash presentations and
  • ask their questions through the Q&A area.

Hosting Teams

On meeting day, our dedicated Present On-the-NetTM event team is there with you to facilitate every aspect of your program:

  • administration/hosting
  • main presentation room direction
  • and personalized tech support

A Birchwood Group producer directs the event, and a professional moderator interacts with your presenter(s) to ensure that the program runs smoothly.

Your host/stage manager co-presents and runs the technology throughout the entire meeting, partnered with an event co-ordination director, and backed up by our live tech support team.

Every aspect of your live event is professionally managed to ensure a successful outcome and concluded with comprehensive tracking for follow-up and ROI closure.



Broadcast On-the-Net, our on demand archive service, can be utilized as an extension of a live webinar or as a stand alone service.  The on demand  service allows you to reach participants who are unable to attend the live event. 

In addition, certain topics lend themselves to long term accessibility as archived only, Broadcast On-the-Net program libraries. Depending upon your requirements we will recommend a streaming audio and/or video program with synchronized visuals, chapter viewing, transcribed copy Etc.

This archive library will be housed on your private Update On-the-Net, web communications portal with 24/7 on-demand viewing capability. Participants would simply register at your web communications portalto obtain access and view the materials. Depending upon the program's timeline, these program elements can be made available for a number of years.

Surveys, posttests, and other vehicles can be added on-line as part of the programs. These ensure compliance or offer accreditation with printable certificates for completing programs. [CE, CME, Etc.] 

Again, all is professionally managed to ensure a successful outcome with comprehensive tracking for follow-up and ROI closure.



For long term communications, we offer Forum On-the-NetTM,  a simple and comprehensive interactive message community. Used as either a stand alone tool, or as the follow-up to a program, this is a low tech information dissemination solution. Offered as another add-on module of our web communications portal Update On-the- NetTM service, this is a private customized threaded message board.

Utilizing Forum-On-the-NetTM, documents can be posted for review with a central area for topic discussion and Q&A. All comments can be available to an entire team - or multiple levels of access can also be assigned, to allow the viewing of information by only the appropriate audience. Word, Excel, photo images Etc can be uploaded to a designated area in the forum by authorized participants. Power Point programs can even be added for review, with text explanations included, to reach people with limited Internet capabilities.

If needed, secure private chat rooms can be enabled at specified times, for interactive discussion.  This is a very low tech method for achieving communications on the Internet.

Another added plus of Forum On-the-NetTM ... All of the information exchange is done in text form, allowing you to save and document all communications involving a topic.


Using our
Present On-the-Net

your audience will meet in a secure virtual meeting room, housing from 10-1000 participants.

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