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Project Oversight Interactive Programs

Our Project Management Approach

Overview - Birchwood's clients range from small to medium size businesses to large corporations and everything in between.
With our combined experience in graphic design, website development, content management systems (CMS), and e-commerce stores,
you can be confident that whatever your project demands, our web team can deliver.

Approach - Maintaining both a short- and long-term vision of how we can serve the needs of the client is critical to the project's success. Our team will contribute to both of these goals by adhering to an approach that is client driven and also ensures execution of high-quality work within the specified timeframes.

Birchwood's project management approach ensures the accuracy of deliverables, helps limit overall risk and demands effective communication.

Client Involvement - Client involvement is critical throughout the course of the project, particularly in the discovery process; requirements gathering and initial analysis. Birchwood's Project Managers will communicate regularly with the client to ensure feedback is gathered and all parties are 
consistently updated on the status of the project.

 Please take a moment to look at our work.


Our Vision for Your Project

In order to increase sales we need to look closely at why your visitors come to the site…

   - They are looking for something.
   - They need to accomplish a task and need a specific item or service.
   - They have some free time and want to see what’s new and exciting. 

In all cases it is imperative that the experience be rewarding!

We will follow this simple formula for success:

  • Keep the site simple and the process straightforward, each element should have a purpose
    …“Good design like haiku… is made from reductions”     - Vaitkunas
  • Keep like items and tools  together
  • Give a user feedback when they embark on a task and thank and compliment them when they
    complete it successfully
  • Develop a hierarchy of importance and corresponding task
  • Use the right tools for the right job

In short, we will create a simple, elegant, highly efficient web presence for your business. 

Our forte is working closely with you, our clients, to accomplish near term, midterm and long term goals.

We, Nancy Eckert and Jay Benkovich, will be your primary contacts throughout; with our seasoned professional Management / IA / Design / Technical / Production team supporting your process. As things change we will be there with outside the box thinking and problem solving to keep ahead of the curve. 

We look to deliver on time, on target and to make the process a pleasant yet professional experience.
We will be there to keep the project on point and make certain your Scope of Work, milestones, timeline and overall goals are not only met but exceeded! 

Thank You,
Nancy Eckert, Vice President                                  Jay Benkovich, President

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