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Conference HELP

Conference Help

FORGOT you username and/or password? click HERE

We will email your info ASAP!


You should set-up your computer prior to the conference. We recommend that every participant does this one day prior to the meeting.

Please Pre-install the Raindance client, click to begin this installation process:

Say “yes” to the security warning: It will automatically install the client. This can take anywhere from 20 seconds to several minute depending upon you Internet connection.

NOTE: Raindance conferencing technical support at: 888.966.8686


1. You no longer need to call into the audio conference. As you enter the Internet conference, the web service will automatically offer to dial your direct dial phone number.
Just type it in. example - US- (111-111-11110) International (011-countrycode-phone number)

NOTE: You must have a direct dial phone number for this service. (For dial-in instructions see below.)

2. We recommend you begin this process 15 minutes before your scheduled conference.

3. Start fresh, close all programs and reboot your computer (For uninterrupted viewing, please try to turn off your screen saver.)

4. Get on the Internet. Use Internet Explorer.

5. You are at the meeting web site.

6. SIGN-IN with your USERNAME and PASSWORD at the Birchwood Group Communications Portal.
(Forgot your password?)

7. After SIGN-IN, you will be at your MY USER AREA page

8. Click JOIN CONFERENCE (left menu).

9. Then, click JOIN next to the Jul 12 2024 event. (Or next to the date of your meeting)

(You will be sent to the CONFERENCE MANAGER page as you are automatically joined into the Raindance meeting.)


If you are on the road and do not have a direct dial phone number, you may call-in to the audio portion of the conference.

Audio Conference Dial-in Number: 888-272-7337
International Audio Conference Dial-in Number: 303-928-2688

Audio Conference ID: 4946477

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