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Update on the Net

Present On-the-Net

 96% of those surveyed would attend an Internet conference again!

For live interactive conference needs we offer our Present On-the-Net event service. 
Your audience will meet in secure virtual meeting rooms housing from 10-1000 participants.

The online participants will see PowerPoint presentations in synch with the presenter, experience real time annotations/highlighting, participate in interactive polls, share documents, be taken on web tours, view streamed video or Flash presentations and ask their questions through the Q&A area.

Every aspect of your live event is professionally managed to ensure a successful outcome.

Update On-the-Net

website | live event module

A complete add-on module to allow you to set-up and facilitate LIVE Internet conference events including planning, invitations, staging, follow up and reporting within your web communications portal. Our customized application allows you to access our Present On-the-Net LIVE meeting services via a direct link.


speakers bureau
    - a cataloguing of your speakers is built in
    - with links to the program schedule 
    - a form is accessed for adding of appropriate presenters to your events

event schedule
You can institute a complete schedule of live events for a program or seminar series. 
The speakers’ bureau is directly linked to the conference scheduling set-up form and allows for:
    - multiple speakers
    - program title
    - descriptions
    - date, time [adjusted for Time Zone]. 

Participants can then select one or many events within the schedule, come back and add or delete programs as needed utilizing our exclusive Time Zone adjustment option for individual events.

auto email management
At all personalized touch points auto email responses are sent to the participants, administrators, and other appropriate agencies such as an accrediting association for CME. These are personalized per participant and can be customized with special instructions or messages.
    - scheduled for a program confirmation
    - reminder to attend program
    - completion of program
    - thank you for attending live meeting [day of]
    - post-test results
    - update your info

set-up computer
Computer requirements outlined and a “set-up” link [if needed] so attendees can pre-set up their computer for access to conferences.

live meeting assistance
A menu item linked to an assistance page customized for your live events.  It is located before login with simple instructions and information on how to access the program and tech support personnel.

join event links area
    - keyed to chosen conferences
    - pre-program or exit surveys can be added
    - auto thank you email to proper person and web managers.

surveys, tests etc
Surveys, post tests, evaluations, communications, links, downloads etc. - all are available at these various touchpoints:
    - registration
    - as an independent entity
    - during the join/exit meeting process.

live meeting reports

comprehensive tracking of your event

event roster reports
Real time online reporting of program registrants including a downloadable Excel function for distribution and internal management.

event attendee reports
Auto tally of participants with interactive reporting area; linked to registration demographics and survey reports.

trend analysis reports
Reporting of registration demographics, survey results, evaluations, post tests, Etc information.  These can be formatted to address your reporting trend needs such as professional demographics or response to pertinent questions.

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